How To Assign Ticketing Defaults;Category/Department/Product

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Tickets that are created automatically on your dashboard, or tickets that you create Ad-Hoc through product search use a set of rules to determine which template and theme to use.


You have full control over what these defaults are and can set them easily by category (e.g. DELI) under the “My Store” menu on the left, and then selecting “Categories” (pictured below).


When assigning ticketing defaults, we either assign it by:

1. Category/ department 

2. Product 


Assigning Ticketing Defaults by Category/Department:


Use the search box to find the category you are looking for and/or click the 'category' icon to go to the defaults page.


From this screen you can select the default template and theme for both your promotion tickets and also any tickets you create ad-hoc that have no current promotion running.


Once selected, click 'save'.


This won’t affect current tickets on your dashboard, only future tickets that are created due to a new host file, in-store promotions and price changes or those you create through product search Ad-hoc.



Assigning Ticketing Defaults by Product (Method 1):


You can also override the default template and theme that is used for a specific product instead of an entire department (as shown in the previous section).


To do this, navigate to product search and perform a search for the product you want to override. Click the ‘Display Name’ of the product you want to edit.



When the product page loads click the “Edit” button in the top right hand corner.


You will see a defaults page similar to the categories default page from the previous section.

Select the template and theme you wish to use as the default for this product and then click “Save”.



Assigning Ticketing Defaults by Product (Method 2):

An alternative way to set product defaults can be accomplished when editing attribute fields for a product under the "Live Preview" window.


To access the "Live Preview" window for a product, please select a specific batch on your Last Yard dashboard by clicking on its description in blue.


Once in the batch view, please select the ticket you would like to view/edit by clicking on its description in blue; this will open up the "Live Preview" window.


In the "Live Preview" window on the left of the screen there are corresponding attribute fields.


For some attribute fields you will notice a grey "floppy disk" icon to the right. To make a change a product default please click on the grey "floppy disk" icon followed by the "save" and "save batch" tabs after making your changes. This will make your changes to the product, a product default and will be assigned to the ticket every time it comes up as a promotion or price update.



Note: This selection will override anything you have selected as a default in ‘Category’.

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