Promo Rules - Rules to set up default template/themes

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Promo Rules allows you to set default template and/or theme towards a set of conditions using Promo Name, Promo Type, Promo Code, Category, Start Day, Duration and Slot Number.


Slot Number - This is only valid for Grocery Manager POS systems


The Name field is used to label your Promo Rule and to easily access tickets that apply the rule through the "Promotion" filter on the Batch and Dashboard filters.

Below is summary of what you will be going through with the team, to optimise the booking time slot, please come prepared with how you think your rules will be set up. If you know what you will do, you can even send these through ahead of your training schedule - with the email title: Promo Rules Install 


  1. Click on 'Add Rule'

2. Select the attribute you want to set rules for (we'll be using 'Promo Name' for this example)


3. Select the condition (we'll be using 'equals' for this example).


4. We've set the rule to apply default template/themes (in the following steps) if the Promo Name equals PROMO1



5. Using the screenshot example below, we have now set a rule where if a ticket has PROMO1 as their Promo Name, the default template [FW] 12up portrait and default theme [FW] Special (red & green) will be applied to that ticket automatically. 


We have also given a name to this rule called PROMO1 to help us identify this rule clearly and we can also locate any tickets under this rule when we select 'PROMO1' as the Promotion filter on the dashboard or within batches. 


Make sure to click on 'Save' after you have filled in on the parameters. 

6. Once you have finished building all your Rules you can then click on Publish to make the rules live. This will update past and current tickets with your new rules.

Please also watch this short video:

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