What is Smart Batching?

Modified on Fri, 26 May 2023 at 10:26 AM

Smart batching is a feature designed to automate what tickets are produced on your dashboard to print. The system will automatically group together your promotions based on;

  • Department 

  • Price Updates 

What this means is as soon as a promotion is loaded into your POS, or a change is made to a price of a product, Last Yard will automatically register this update and generate an up to date batch of tickets to print. 


You can also set up new Category Defaults. This will enable you to group your departments/categories into fewer batches for printing based on your internal processes. 


For example you may print your Dairy & Bakery departments for hanging at the same time, so you can easily create one batch of tickets, customising this view yourself within the Last Yard system. 

  • Go to My Store - Categories in your main menu on the left hand side. 

  • Click into the first Category you wish to group together - in this example Bakery

  • Scroll down to Batches 

  • Type in the name you want to see as it appears on your dashboard for printing; Bakery & Dairy 



  • Click on the SAVE button 

  • Click back to Categories 

  • Click On Dairy 

  • Scroll down to Batches 

  • Type in exactly the same name as you entered into the other group; Bakery & Dairy

  • Click on the SAVE button 

  • Going forward any new items on promotion within either the Bakery or Dairy category will group them into one batch on your dashboard - Bakery & Dairy.



Please note - creating new Category Groups like this, you will only see the changes with newly created batches, existing batches wont automatically update.


If however this feature does not suit your requirements and you would prefer to change how the batches are defaulted for you, we can deactivate this feature for you. Please email support@lastyard.com and request to have this turned off.  

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