I am not able to print - Printer Offline

Modified on Wed, 24 May 2023 at 06:56 PM

This article is to help you troubleshoot whenever you try to print and you either get an error saying 'printer offline on your PC or nothing happens when you try to print from your printer. 


Usually this happens because your printer IP address has changed. The troubleshooting steps below will help you identify your printer's NEW IP address and show you how to configure it. Video example above. 


  1. Go to Control Panel

  2. Click on 'Devices & Printers'

  3. Click on 'Add Printer' 

  4. Select your printer and follow the prompts to add printer (if your printer does not show up, you will need to contact support@lastyard.com for further assistance)

  5. Right-click on the newly added printer and click on 'Propertlyp

  6. Click on the 'Web Services' tab and click on the link to the 'Webpage'

  7. Copy the IP address that you see on the page

  8. Go back to 'Devices & Printers'

  9. Right-click on your existing printer driver

  10. Click on 'Printer Properties' and select the driver tray you want to modify

  11. Click on the 'Ports' tab

  12. If the IP address you copied is not on the list of ports, click 'Add Port' 

    1. If IP address you copied is on the list of ports then select that port and click 'Apply'

  13. Select Standard TCP/IP Port

  14. Click 'New Port'

  15. Click 'Next'

  16. Paste the copied IP Address

  17. Click 'Next'

  18. Click Finish

  19. Repeat steps 8 - 12a until all printer tray drivers are set to the new IP address


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