How to assign, update and delete assigned batches

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As a user that creates batches for the store network, these can be assigned to stores can via the Dashboard by clicking Assign. 

Alternatively, if you are within the batch, there is an assign button here also that you can click.

Clicking Assign, will take you to the Batch Assignment screen. It is here where you pick the stores that need the batch.

Override Due Date - If the batch has a due date, the date the batch should be printed by, this can be overridden here, and a new date specified.

Disappear Date - This is the date on which the batch will no longer be accessible by the stores.

Update existing batches - If the items in the batch or any batch details have changed, this will update the batches with those changes. For the store users, only items that have changed will be marked as unprinted. Use this when assigning the batch for the first time, or when you have made a few changes and need stores only to action those minor changes.

Override existing batches - This will completely reload the batch at stores. For the store users, all items will be marked as unprinted. Use this when you have made major changes or most of the batch has changed.

Make assigned batches read-only - The batches that the stores see can only be printed, and the items within cannot be changed in any way. 

Prevent deletion of assigned batches - Removes the ability for store users to delete the batch from their dashboards.

When the stores have been selected and the options picked, click Preview Assignment.

This will take you to the confirmation page.

This page will show you again the stores that will receive the batch and the action being performed. For example, here you see the action as "assign", as the batch is being sent to the store for the first time.

Clicking confirm will begin the actions and assign the batches to the stores.
When all batches are assigned they will show a tick.

Unassigning and deleting batches

To remove a batch from the stores, for example, it may have been assigned before you would like it made available, or amendments need to be made before stores action the batch further, you can once again click the assign button.

Unselect all the stores from the assignment tree and click preview assignment.

You will see that the actions taken for each store will now be to remove the batch.

Confirm the assignment to begin removing the batch from stores.


Alternatively, if you just need to delete the batch and remove it from stores, you can click the delete button next to the batch. Ensure you select the option to delete the batch also at the stores, otherwise, the stores will continue to have access to the batch.


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