Navigating the Last Yard Dashboard

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This article will outline the key features and functionalities of the Last Yard Dashboard as it would appear on your screen (please bear in mind that this is a general guide as different stores require slightly different setups). 

The dashboard will always show you current and upcoming tickets that need to be printed.


Last Yard uses a live connection to your point of sale system to monitor for price and promotional changes in near real time.


If you load your host file into your POS, make a price change or create an in-store special the required tickets will automatically appear on your dashboard. You can also click the ‘Refresh from POS’ button on your dashboard to pull across any changes.


Dashboard sections

Due today 

Tickets for price changes and promotions that start today. This section can also contain “overdue” tickets. You can hide overdue tickets by unticking the “Show Overdue” box (pictured below).



Tickets for price changes and promotions that start in the future.




Tickets you or your team have already printed. You can reprint tickets for up to 7 days after the price change took effect or promotion started.


General Mapping of Dashboard

To enlarge to image, please click on it and new tab will be generated with the image in full size to view.

The dashboard image is mapped 1-15 based on the sections defined by the red rectangles. 


Dashboard Mapping

  1. My Store 

    Under the "My Store" tab we have:

    • Store Information - displays basic information about your store as well as the ability to adjust your standard trading hours (we recommend leaving it blank)

    • Print Settings- You can adjust offsets and map which tray on your MPS printer you would like it to print out of based on ticket templates.

    • Categories - You can set up ticketing defaults based on the categories of your products (dairy, meat, deli etc.)


  2. Product Search

    Under the "Product Search" tab we have "Search". 

    In "Search" you can search for products based on their name, PLU and order code. There are also search filters which you can apply to further define your search options. When you click on a product it will show you product information including attributes assigned to it as well as what periods promotions will be active for.


  3. Design

    Under the "Design" tab we have "Images". 

    This allows you to upload images (.png and .jpeg) and assign it as an attribute to be used on your tickets via the "tag" function. 


  4. Reports:

    Under the "Reports" tab we have:

    • Print Activity

    • Template Activity

    • Promotion Activity

    • Batch Activity

      These tabs are can be used to offer an insight into your printing/ticketing activity. 


  5. Import

    Under the "Import" tab we have "Tickets". 

    In "Tickets" users can upload tickets on to Last Yard using .CSV spreadsheets (please refer to the Ticket Import article). 


  6. Automation

    Under the "Automation" tab we have "Cloud Connect". 

    This is to be used predominantly by our support staff but customers can use it to check whether Cloud Connect is online or not. If Cloud Connect is offline please contact our support team as you want be able to receive new tickets from your POS system. 


  7. Logout

    This tab is used to log out of your Last Yard user account.


  8. Search Filter

    The search filter on your dashboard allows user to search for specific batches of tickets based on parameters such as start date, promotions, department, location etc. 


  9. Bulk Action

    Once you've selected which batches on your dashboard you would like to affect (by ticking the boxes next to them), you can select the "Bulk Action" tab and this will allow you to print, edit properties and mark your batches as 'complete'. 


  10. Create Ticket Batch

    The "Create Ticket Batch" will create a blank batch whereby users can add or create tickets as well as set their corresponding templates and themes.


  11. Refresh from POS 

    This tab flushes the data coming in and out of your Last Yard platform. Regular refreshing of the dashboard will ensure that your changes are up to date and new tickets are processed immediately. 


  12. Batches

    These are groupings of tickets, the columns next to 'name' highlights how many tickets are inside that specific batch as well as when they were created and when they should be printed (based on active promotions). 


  13. Batch Page View Selection

    This allows you to select which page of batches you would like to navigate to. 


  14. Name of Store

    Shows the name of the store you are logged in as. 


  15. Name of the User Account

    Displays the username of which you're logged into Last Yard as. 

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