How to create a batch of tickets via spreadsheet import

Modified on Fri, 26 May, 2023 at 1:40 PM

Before you start your import you'll need to have exported a CSV file from your POS System or create a spreadsheet yourself. 

The headings of your spreadsheet will need to correlate to the fields on your template. Within the system you can them map the columns of data to the right field on the template. 



1. Click on the [Import] menu item on the navigation bar on the left side of your screen. 

2. Click on the 'Tickets' icon.


3. Select your CSV file.


4. You've also got options to assign 'ticket defaults' to your batch as well as 'batch name' and dates for your batch (these additional settings are optional). 


5. After you have uploaded your CSV file scroll down to Mappings column.


6. Click on the [magic marker] and check to see that the output matches the information on your input column (refer to the image below).


7. If the Output column is incorrect, click on it and select the correct field in the Properties column next to it. 


8. If there was no Output field assigned to the Input fields after clicking the [magic marker], click on the [plus sign] next to the Input field and follow step 6 if required. 



9. When all required fields are updated, click on [Import Tickets] to import your ticket.

We recommend saving your Mappings to make things easier for your future imports. 



Make sure you load a previously saved mapping when you’ve imported another CSV file in the future. 


Before you start your import you'll need to have exported a CSV file from your POS System. Please contact your POS provider for instructions on this step if required.


Key considerations prior to uploading CSV file.


  1. Make sure that the spreadsheet you upload is indeed saved as a ' .csv ' . 


    To check what file your spreadsheet is saved as, right click on your file and select 'properties'


Once the file's properties window is open, refer to the line called 'Type of file:' and seek for the file type. 


If the spreadsheet file isn't saved in ' .csv ', reopen that file and native to 'file' then 'Save As'


In the 'Save As' screen, drag the pull-down bar to 'CSV (Comma delimited)' and click on the 'Save' icon on the right. 



2. Make sure that there aren't empty rows prior to your data set.





3. Make sure that there aren't cells in your data set 


Having empty cells in your data set will mean that those particular fields of data won't be generated in the ticket. In some cases you might not need all cells filled in because that particular data field is not applicable to the ticket. 

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