Creating a User & Assigning Roles

Modified on Wed, 24 May, 2023 at 2:59 PM

Create a Single User 


1. Go to Dashboard >Manage Stores > View Users and click Create User.


2. Enter your user's name & email address. Your user’s email address will be “used as” their username.


3. Select Store Access & Assign a Role to the user (see Store Access & Assign Role)

*Note that a user needs to be given access to at least one store to be invited.


4. Select Invite User to send an invitation email to the user to create their login details



Assign to a Store & Role 


When a new user is created, you will be required to assign them to a store and a role before sending their invite. 


The RBAC system can support users having multiple roles at the same store with specific permissions for each role.


  1. Go to Dashboard >Manage Stores > View Users > Create User > Store Access, assign a Store then select a Role

Assign Multiple Roles to a Single User

The RBAC system can support users having multiple roles at the same store with specific permissions for each role.


To assign multiple roles to a single user


  1. Go to Dashboard >Manage Stores > View Users > Create User > Store Access, assign a Store then select a Role

  2. To assign additional roles select > + Add Store Access > select the same Store > select Role

Bulk Upload of Multiple Users 

Last Yard allows you to import a list of your users via an CSV import


For simplicty, you can only assign roles for one import at a time.

For example: You can import all your store managers at once, then using another spreadsheet, import all your store team members.


Download CSV Template

When importing multiple users, we provided you with a CSV template file to download. 


When entering user data in the template each row must contain the user's first and last name and email address. As well as one or more store name that matches a store name in Last Yard exactly. If you have multiple store names, separate them by a comma


To get a copy of the CSV template, from the Users page, select Import users with roles and select the Download your CSV template link


Once the CSV file has been completed, follow the prompts to complete the upload of users. 


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