Creating, Editing & Deleting Roles

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Last Yard users can create their own users and roles with privileges fitting for different levels of access - meaning each user will only have access to the data and functionality they need to perform their job.


  • Easily review user permissions and correct identified issue

  • Create repeatable assignments of permissions

  • Quickly add and change roles

  • Reduce error when assigning user permissions

  • Effectively maintain compliance requirements for increased security, confidentiality and privacy

What is a Role?

A role is a collection of permissions that you can apply to users. Using roles makes it easier to add, remove, and edit permissions than assigning permissions to users individually. Roles become particularly useful as your user base increases in scale and complexity.


There are 4 default roles:


Users can view and print ticket batches and create ad-hoc tickets.


Managers can create promotions, create and edit batches, create ad-hoc tickets and 


Admins can do everything that an Owner can do, but cannot modify the plan or billing information. Admins can also manage users.

Owners have full control over the account from user management, business rules creation, data import, template creation, promotion creation and billing*. You can have multiple owners but you must have at least one


Create a Custom Role

Owners & Administrators have the ability to create custom roles. This can be achieved by either selecting a default role and customizing the permissions or creating a new role from scratch. You can pick any combination of permissions that you need for your new role


  1. Go to Dashboard >Manage Stores > Roles and click Create Role.

  2. Name the role and add a description, then click Create

Clone an existing role’s permissions

When creating a new role, you can clone an existing role’s permissions.


Editing a Role 

If for any reason the permissions in a role need to be changed, these can be edited in the Roles Permissions List. 

To edit a Role head to Dashboard > Manage Stores > Roles and select the role you would like to change.


Using the Roles Permission List, select any combination of permissions for each product area that you need for your new role by selecting Toggle On/Off or View Manage Delete Dropdowns. Once you have made the permission changes to the role, hit Save Changes in the top right hand corner.


Be careful making changes to roles that are in current use, as changes occur instantly.




Deleting a Role 

There may be an instance where a Role is no longer required for the business and needs to be removed. Deleting a role will permanently clear all permissions and access from the platform for that role. The role can only be deleted if it is not assigned to any users.


To delete a Role head to Manage Stores > select Roles > on the view roles list Select the Role you would like to delete > in the top right, select Delete > in the final prompt select Permanently Delete Role.


To reinstate a deleted role, the role will either need to be recreated from scratch or by editing an existing role.

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