Number / Price / Percent fields

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Here we will cover the three types of numeric fields that can be added to your template.



A simple numbers field to display data such as item numbers or barcode numbers.



A rich format numbers and symbols field to format pricing.



Preset to display a percentage.



This section allows you to define the formatting of your fields. Each type of field has its own options.



Here you can control whether the field can display decimals, define the symbols used for Decimal and Thousands and configure whether you want to hardcode a prefix and suffix.


Regarding Prefixes and suffixes, you can also define the size and position of these.



In addition to the options available in a number field, for a Price field, you can define the First and Last symbols used and the size of these elements along with the cents values.


Here you can see how you can change the first symbol to match the currency you require.


Here you can see that the percentage amounts for the text size and offsets can be customized to help style the price to your requirements.



Similar to the formatting available under the Price but with specific options for Percent Symbol under the symbols section.


Unit of Measure

The Unit of Measure option acts as a text field that is tied to the Price. It is specifically designed to be used for values such as EA, KG, 250ml, 6 Pack, etc, and appears and stays aligned under the decimals regardless of value.

To configure this, click on Options under the Unit of Measure section.


You will then be presented with a limited text properties panel. Here you will need to define the Field Name you want to use and the Font Style.

Defining a field name means that you can create a data field like any other that accepts whatever text value you enter. The difference here is that the positioning is tied to underneath the decimal values of the Price.


You can control the text size and position of this field via the Unit Text Size and Offset options in the Unit of Measure section.



When enabled, this draws a line through the value or content of the field. Typically used from “crossing out” prices like a “was” price.

Mode allows you to change whether the line gets drawn through just the number or the full content of the field. For example, if your field has a prefix value of WAS you may want the line to just go through the number only.


The direction allows you to change whether the line is horizontal or diagonal.


Width controls the thickness of the line, and X and Y offset the positioning.


Show decimals when zero

When your price is a whole number or has zero decimals, you can set it to hide the zeroes. Remove the tick from the ‘All ’option from the dropdown. You can also set it to hide decimals to a specific range of values.


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