Exporting and Importing Template Bundles

Modified on Tue, 16 Apr 2024 at 01:22 AM

Exporting Templates in a Bundle

When you have created a new template or made an adjustment to an existing template in UAT, you can export those files so they can be easily uploaded to the PROD environment. You can export one template on its own, or you can export several templates at once.

Navigate to the Template Studio where the list of templates is visible.

Select the new or adjusted templates by ticking the check box to the left of the relevant templates. If exporting a group of templates, tick the check box next to the parent template. Then click the Export button.

A pop-up window will appear asking which type of export you would like to create. 

Template Bundle – This will gather all the files used on the template you selected, including any graphic files or fonts. This option is recommended for newly created templates that involve new graphics or fonts in the design.

Template File Only – This will export the selected template but no additional files. It is useful when only minor adjustments have been made to a template, such as field positions or sizes and no other files need to be transferred along with the templates.

Select which export package type you want and then click Export. A zip file will then download to your computer (to the Downloads folder).

Importing Template Bundles

Open Template Studio in your PROD environment and navigate to the Import page.

Click on the Browse Files button or drag the zip file previously downloaded into the upload space. This will automatically start the importing process. Once complete the page will display this section under the upload space.

Updating Existing Templates

New templates (ones that don’t exist at all previously in the PROD environment) can be assigned to stores as usual. If the template needs to be added to a template group or have rules applied first, please contact Last Yard.

If the imported template is a newer version of an existing template or template group, then only the updated version will need to be assigned to stores. To do this, click on the three dots to the right of the imported template or template group.

From the drop-down list, select Assignments. The following window will appear.

This window will confirm if there is a new version that needs to be pushed to stores by the alert text in the top right corner: ‘New template version available’. To complete the update, tick the Update to latest version check box and click the Update assigned stores button.

It is recommended that updates to templates are scheduled to happen outside of stores’ busy periods as multiple updates to a large number of stores can take a while to go through.

If you have uploaded a template bundle that contains fonts and image files, these will automatically be added to the Font and Image library in Template Studio.

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