Modified on Tue, 30 May, 2023 at 8:26 AM

To add a barcode, just click on the option under DATA and place it where you want the barcode to appear in the ticket. 



You can change the type of barcode you need for your ticket. Just select the option you want under Settings.


Barcode Style

Mode allows you to set the barcode to either stretch or be fixed in size.

Stretch will scale the barcode to the size of the field dimensions.

Fixed Size will allow you to enter the exact width and height you require the barcode to be.



If you are having trouble scanning barcodes on tickets check the following.

  1. The field is using the correct barcode type

  2. The scanning devices are configured correctly

  3. The field on the template is wide enough to fit the full barcode at a decent size. This is the most common cause of barcodes not being scannable. If the barcode is not large enough, the image of the barcode gets scaled too small for the scanners to effectively read it.

  4. The barcode has enough space between it and other fields. If the barcode is right up against another text or numeric field, it is possible that the scanner is trying to read that text as a barcode bar.


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