Tobacco Board - Quick Set Up Guide

Modified on Wed, 24 May 2023 at 07:32 PM

Before you begin, please ensure you have received the following items;

  • TV

  • TV bracket (if applicable)

  • Intel PC stick


Required for the install:

  • 2 x power points (TV & Intel PC stick)

  • A USB keyboard (if we have not pre-configured the wireless username/password for your store)

  • You will need your instore wireless password




To ensure your Tobacco TV is compliant you must ensure your screen is either above the tobacco cabinet or immediately to one side. The screen cannot be adjacent to any products targeted at children. SignIQ will not be responsible for the location and use of your Tobacco board.


Once your TV is mounted, please follow the steps below to install and connect your Intel PC stick to your in store wireless network


  1. Connect the power and HDMI cables to the Intel PC stick as demonstrated in the diagram below



  2. If your wireless details were not pre-loaded then connect your USB keyboard to either one of the available USB ports on the side of the Intel PC stick

  3. Plug the HDMI connector on the Intel PC stick into any available HDMI port on the back of your TV (preferably HDMI1)

  4. Ensure both the TV and Intel PC stick are plugged into power

  5. Turn the TV on and press the source key on the TV remote to navigate to the HDMI channel you connected

  6. the Intel PC stick into in step 3 above

  7. Now press the power button on the Intel PC stick until you see the LED light on the stick turn blue

  8. You should now be presented with the screen below


  9. Using the USB keyboard press the right arrow key to proceed to the wireless setup screen

  10. You should now be presented with the screen below



  11. If your wireless details were pre-loaded press the right arrow again to bypass the Wi-Fi setup screen to step 17

  12. Using the USB keyboard press the tab key until your preferred wireless SSID is highlighted and press the Enter key

  13. The cursor should now move to the password section so enter the password for the selected wireless SSID and press the tab key to highlight the Connect button and press enter

  14. If the connection is successful, you will be presented with the screen below. The green dots indicate a successful connection



  15. The three green lights indicate a successful wireless connection and a Hostname and MAC address will also be displayed

  16. If you are returned to the Join WIFI network screen, this indicates an unsuccessful connection which normally means an incorrect password was entered so repeat steps 9-12 again

  17. Once complete, please email and with the email subject header “Tobacco TV and Intel PC stick complete” and one of our support team will be in contact with you to complete the install and training


If you are experiencing any issues or have an enquiry please email or call 1800 018 883 to speak with one of our support representatives.

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