Cast Troubleshooting - No Display on my TV

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No Display on my TV

Make sure the TV is turned on

While it sounds silly a lot of the time restarting the TV allows it to see the "SignIQ TV Stick" and display the image again correctly.



Make sure SignIQ TV Stick has power

Make sure you can see a Blue light on the SignIQ TV Stick (STVS) This shows that it is currently turned on. If you don't have a blue light, make sure you have power connected and press and hold the power button until you see the light.


Do you have a display on the TV? 

If you still do not have a display on the TV make sure that you have selected the correct input on your TV and do not have any other menus open.


TV is displaying but not SignIQ TV 

Lets restart your STVS. Press and hold the power button on your stick for 30 seconds or until the blue power light turns off. Wait a further 30 seconds and press the power again until you see the blue light. Give it 5 minutes to power on and check this again.


I have a display, but it says Screen Adjustment 

If you see this screen (image below) you need to return to SIQTV from the configuration screen. To do this plug a USB keyboard into your STVS and press "CTL+ t + t" This should return you to the normal screen. If this doesn't change, ensure you are connected to the WiFi (See below).



I have run through the above and still do not have the right display on my TV

If you are still unable to get a display after following the above steps please email or call us on 1800 018 883 for further troubleshooting. 

Please ensure you add as much information as possible to the email to assist our support staff in troubleshooting you issue sooner. If possible pictures of the TV and SignIQ TV Stick can greatly reduce time to resolution.



Restart your SignIQ TV Stick 

Restarting the stick will in most cases will allow your stick to connect to the WiFi and download the latest updates. You can complete this by pulling the power out of the stick or pressing and holding the power button until the blue light turns off.


Are you connected to the WiFi? 

On the top right corner of the screen will be a status of the TV (tobacco only) letting you know if it is currently on the WiFi network. If you have a tobacco board, you can also log into the FMCG portal and see the status of all boards in your store. If the board is reporting it is offline or is showing a RED status this mean it is not currently connected to the WiFi. You can check the status of your other SignIQ TV products by plugging in a USB keyboard to the STVS and pressing "Ctl + t + t” and hitting the left arrow to see the current WiFi settings. You should see 3 green lights. If you don't, proceed to the next step.



My SIQTV isn't on the WiF

Once you see the above screen you will be able to press "LEFT" on the keyboard and search for your WiFi network. Select the SSID (Network name) and the password. If successful you will see the screen on the left with 3 green lights. Press "Ctl + t + t" again to return to the normal display.


My SIQTV is connected to the WiFi and displaying but its not correct 

Please send an email to or call us on 1800 018 883. Let our team know what steps you have already completed, a brief outline of the issue you are currently running into and if applicable a few examples of what is wrong and what is correct, so we can follow these in our troubleshooting.

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