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After setting up the template size and page layout you will see the Template Designer workspace. Here we can start designing how the individual ticket will look. For this template we will be adding a background, product description, and price field.





To display an image file (either png or jpg format) as our ticket’s background we will insert an Image field from the Add menu on the left side of the workspace. 


Action: Click ‘Image’ from the Add menu, under Visuals.


The new image field will initially appear on the ticket as a square. Use the W and H fields (width and height in mm) in the Properties menu on the top right-hand side to make the field the same size as the template.


Action: Enter ‘63.33’ in the W field and‘92.33’ in the H field.


The image field can also be given a Field name. This is important when using the template and filling information into the ticket.


Action: Type ‘Background’ as the Field name.


Image Style Mode refers to how the field positions and sizes the image file it contains. 

Fill & Crop will resize the image to fill the field’s area while retaining the ratio of the image file’s dimensions, and cut off the excess. 

Fit & Scale will resize the image to the largest dimension so that none of the image is cropped, but may not fill the entire space of the field. 

Stretch will distort the image so that it fills the entire space of the Image Field but without cropping it.


When using either the Fill & Crop or Fit & Scale modes you can set the Alignment of the image within the field. For example, it can be set to sit in the middle of the field, in the top left corner, etc.


Action: Select ‘Stretch’ as the Image Style.


Finally, we will set the Source for where the field will find the image file we want to display.


In the Image Libraries list will be all the tags currently assigned to uploaded images in your Last Yard system. Selecting one of these, it will allow any of the images using that tag to be selected when filling in a ticket.


This method means the same template can be used to create multiple tickets using different backgrounds, without having to make a new template for each one.


You can also select a Default Image Source so that a particular background is displayed when no other background image option has been chosen.


Action: Select one of your background image tags for the field’s Image Library. Select one of your uploaded image files as the Default Image Source.

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